Ventilation Module

Produits & support

A stand-alone ventilation module can be used in addition to an EO – 150 ventilator as a backup and life support ventilator. A color code given by two stickers on each module and a simple management of the two modules via the docking station permit the patients and caregivers to switch from one module to the other quickly and safely. Its small size and weight combined with the Nomad bag will also give the patients a bigger freedom and an enhanced mobility.

EO – 150 Module EO-VM150

eo-150-module chargeur-secteur adaptateur-double-branche
EO-150 Module Charger Module Double Branch Adaptator
connecteur-o2 stikers adaptateur-circuit-fuites
O2 Connector Module identification labels Leakage circuit adaptator

EO – 150 Module PackEO-VM150PCK

eo-150-module sacoche-transport
EO-VM150 Transport Bag

EO – 150 Module Nomad PackEO-VM150PCK-NOMAD

eo-150-module sac-nomade
EO-VM150 Nomad Bag