EOVE-70 Secretion Management

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Secretion Management

Thanks to its design and its HD graphic interface, the secretion management device EOVE-70 offer to patients and care givers an easy of use.

His design, based on a station with a removable module of only 2kg, able to work with internal battery, gives unrivalled mobility solutions.

Complete and adaptive treatment

The EOVE-70 High performance allows you to set pressures from -70 to +70 mbar

Dual modality are achievable with this device :

  • An in-exsufflation mode – INEX
  • A Pressure relief maneuver mode – IPPB
  • Ajustable oscillations
  • Three customizable presets

Intuitive interface

You can set the treatmentthanks to a 7 inch HD touch screen.
This screen allows a simple access to setting and a visualization of monotiring.
These settings can be modified directly on the home screen for a quick treatment close to the patient.

Improved conditions of treatment

The EOVE-70 purpose a extractible module of treatment for a minimal clutter and a better portability.

The EOVE-70 contain an internal battery for an closer patient use and allows an autonomy of 4 sessions.

Dimensions Weight Size
Dock 1,6 kg 25x21x13 cm
Module 1,8kg 24,5×14,5×10 cm
Screen 7 inch, touch screen, coulors, HD

Operational modes INEX:Mechanical Inexsufflation IPPB:Pressure Relief Meneuver
Therapy modes Automatic/Manual Automatic
Oscillations ON/OFF during inspiration and expiration
Frequency: 4 to 20 Hz
Amplitude : Low / Medium / High
Monitoring SpO2 / Tidal Volume / Peak Flow

Operational modes Automatic/Manual Inh. Flow 5 to 100 l/min
Inh. Pressure 5 to 70 cmH20 Inh. Flow Continuous flow / Decelerating flow
Inh. Time 0,5 to 5 sec Max Pressure 10 to 50 cmH20
Inh. Ramp 1 to 5 Max Time 0,5 to 10 sec
Auto – Trigger OFF /1 to 3 PEEP OFF / 1 to 20 cmH20
Pause OFF / 0,5 to 5 sec Inh. Trigger OFF / 5 levels
PEEP OFF / 1 to 20 cmH2O Inh. Ramp 5 levels
Exh. Time 0,5 to 5 sec
Exh. Pressure 0 to -70 cmH20
Oscillations Inhalation / Exhalation
Amplitudes OFF / 3 levels
Frequency OFF / 4 to 20 Hz
Auto – Number of cycles 1 to 20