EO–150 Ventilator Solutions & accessories

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EO – 150 VentilatorEO-150VNT

eo-150-vnt chargeur-secteur sacoche-transport connecteur-o2
EO-150 Charger Module Transport Bag O2 Connector
stikers adaptateur-double-branche adaptateur-circuit-fuites
Modules identification labels Double Branch Adaptator Leakage circuit adaptator

Thanks to its design and its high definition intuitive graphic interface, the EO – 150 ventilator combines comfort and simplicity of use for caregivers to high ventilation performances. The vast choice of ventilation modes and configurations (valve, leaks or mouth piece, for simple or double branch circuits) ensure an effective ventilation for adult or pediatric patients from 3.5 kg, with a possible oxygen inlet up to 20 L/min.

Highly innovative, it is composed by a docking station and an extractible ventilation module weighting only 1.8 kg with 6 hours embedded battery life, giving the patient unique mobility solutions and an unequaled freedom.

EO – 150 Travel Pack LEO-TRVELPACK-L

eo-150-vnt sacoche-voyage batterie-externe sacoche-batterie
EO-150 VNT Travel Bag External Batterry Battery Bag

The EO – 150 Travel Pack L allows the patient to travel with the complete EO – 150 ventilator and an external battery, giving him a battery life of 15 hours.

EO – 150 Travel Pack XLEO-TRVELPACK-XL

eo-150-vnt sacoche-voyage sacoche-batterie-x2
EO-150 VNT Travel Bag Battery Bags x2
batterie-externe-x2 cable-couplage-batterie
External Batteries x2 Battery pack coupling cable

The EO – 150 Travel Pack XL allows the patient to travel with the complete EO – 150 ventilator and two external batteries, giving him a battery life of 24 hours.